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This unique Gingerbread-style home was built in 1933 for Reginald Otto Lissaman. Reginald worked as a prominent contractor alongside his father, Frank C. Lissaman. Later in life, Reginald took over as president of the contracting firm that his father had established in 1889. In 1952, Lissaman was elected to the Manitoba Legislature. He served six consecutive terms until 1969. He was also involved in the development of the International Peace Garden, and was honoured for this role shortly before his death in 1974.

The design combines a gable and mansard roof complete with both mansard and shed dormers. Boasting a structural overhang, open verandah, and recessed entrance, the exterior is an aesthetically pleasing one. The home also offers fine detailing in its oriel and bay windows, as well as the beautiful exposed Tudor beams.

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