If you are interested in nominating a property, or a building or structure on the property, as a Municipal Heritage Site, you can start by completing this application form and submitting a complete application package to the Planning, Property & Buildings Department. The following is a summary of the nomination process that may take several months at best:

  1. The applicant (the person nominating a site to be designated) needs to provide information and research materials as part of the application package demonstrating the property is worthy of designation (see our Resources page for ways you can get such information and research materials)
  2. Once the Planning, Property & Buildings Department (PPB) confirms the application is complete, the Brandon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC) will review the application
    • MHAC through PPB may request more information from you
    • MHAC through PPB will schedule a site visit as part of their evaluation
    • MHAC may have more questions for you during the evaluation
  3. If the nominated site is determined to be worthy of designation, PPB will inform you and seek consent of the affected property owner(s)
    • Unless a nominated site is determined to have very significant heritage value, our practice is to proceed with designation only if the property owner(s) consents to designation
    • PPB will forward relevant information and photographs from your application, along with our evaluation, to the Manitoba Historic Resources Branch to draft a Statement of Significance. MHAC and the affected property owner(s) will have an opportunity to review the draft
  4. MHAC through PPB will submit a report to Brandon City Council recommending the nominated site be designated as a Municipal Heritage Site
  5. If City Council adopts MHAC’s recommendation, City Council will start the designation by-law process
    • Each Municipal Heritage Site is designated under its own by-law
    • City Council will hold a public hearing before adopting a designation by-law
    • The title of the affected property will be updated throughout the process, provincial law requires a designation be registered on the affected property’s title
  6. If City Council designates a nominate property as a Municipal Heritage Site, PPB will update the register of Brandon’s Municipal Heritage Sites
    • If the property owner consents, the information will be uploaded through the Manitoba Historic Resources Branch on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, an online source of information on historic places across Canada.